About the Social Redroom

Social Redroom is a general social networking site inspired by the 2013 movie Antisocial. The development of the site started in 2019 and is currently in beta and available for supporters. The purpose of the Social Redroom is to provide an alternative online social space for all those interested.

What the Social Redroom Offers

Personal Messaging
Send private messages to your friends or get in touch with anyone who has allowed you to send them private messages.
News Wire Feed
You'll find everything in the News Wire feed that interests you. Here you can see the posts of your friends and the contents of the blogs you follow. You can also read blog posts shared by your friends here.
Public Blogs
Through blogs, you can share any information with the Social Redroom members. Everyone can read the blog posts and the comments they receive.

It Looks Like This

Why Choose Us

Excellent Privacy
This is a paid service and is therefore not exposed to advertising companies. Our users are our first priority.
Simple Settings
You know where to look and who can see it. You can expand or narrow down the information you provide.
We Have Dislike
An entry cannot be judged solely on positive feedback. Negative feedback is also required.
Field of Interest
We only recommend content that interests you. Only the content of the blogs you follow will be shown to you.
No More Annoying Warnings
We do not warn you unnecessarily. The frequency of updating your data is entirely up to you.
Stays Among Your Friends
Conversations on profile pages are visible only to you and your friends, not to your friend's friends.

How to Join

Sign Up for Our Queue
You need a code to sign up. From time to time, we will send a registration code to the waiting list subscribers. There is another way to obtain a registration code. Your friends can invite you if they are already members.
Apply for Beta Test
When you sign up for the queue, you'll be taken to a form where you can enter more information about yourself. This is optional. If you would like to join the early testers, please indicate in the form that you are applying for beta testing.
Sign Up with the Code
After entering a valid code, you can sign up for the site.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, please contact us! Write your opinion and suggestions. We try to respond to all messages.